3 cups chopped kumquats
1 cup water
6 1/2 cups sugar
1 pkg Sure Jell or Certo


  1. Prepare kumquats, half fruit and remove seeds, chop coarsely or slice thinly (Can be put through food chopper).
  2. Combine chopped kumquats, water, and Sure Jell.
  3. Add sugar and bring to a boil that cannot be stirred down.
  4. Continue to boil for one minute.
  5. Pour into sterile jars and seal.
    Note:  Certo can be substituted for Sure Jell but you will need to follow the directions on the Certo package.

RECIPE SUBMITTED BY:  Kumquat Growers, Inc.
PHOTO SUBMITTED BY:  Kumquat Growers, Inc.